Tauschliste Stand 09.09.2019 

trade list as of September 09, 2019




FDNY E261 L116

FDNY E246 L169




FDNY E314                                                                                  


Flughafen Feuerwehr Köln/Bonn

Frankfurt Airport Feuerwehr

Flughafen Nürnberg Feuerwehr

Werkfeuerwehr Airport Nürnberg

Dresden Flughafen, Werkfeuerwehr (2001-2010)

Flughafenfeuerwehr Magdeburg-Cochstedt



Flughafen Lahr Feuerwehr

Flughafen Weeze gold (Mützenabzeichen)

WF Flughafen Leipzig-Halle

Hamburg Airport Werkfeuerwehr

Flughafen Hamburg Feuerwehr


Fliegerhorstfeuerwehr Fürstenfeldbruck

Bundeswehr Feuerwehr (silber)

Bundeswehr Brandschutz (silber)

MFG2 Feuerwehr

Bw-Fw Feuerwache Munster

Fliegerhorstfeuerwehr Penzing

Feuerwehr Flugbereitschaft BMVg Koeln-Wahn

Bundeswehr Feuerwehr TrUbPl Hammelburg

US Army Sembach Fire Rescue




WTD 61 Manching

Bw-Fw JG 74 Neuburg/Donau

USAG Mannheim Fire & ES

Putlos TrÜbPl-Feuerwehr

FlgH Fassberg Feuerwehr

JaBoG 34 Allgäu FlgH-Feuerwehr

Mendig Flugplatzfeuerwehr

USAG Benelux F&ES

US Army Garrison Benelux F&ES (bis Juni 2019)

USAG Benelux F&ES (ab Juni 2019) 


USAG Wiesbaden Fire & Emergency Services

Ansbach Fire & Emergency Services

279th BSB Bamberg Fire &ES

US Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Fire Rescue

Lfz.Sich.Stff Koblenz

TrUbPl Oberlausitz Feuerwehr

USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Emergency Services

US Army FD Grafenwöhr (silber)

US Army FD Wildflecken (gold)

USAG Franconia F&ES

USAG Rheinland-Pfalz Station 3


Bundeswehr Feuerwache Laboe

BW-Feuerwehr Klietz

Sembach AB Fire Dept.

Spangdahlem AB F&ES 52 CES

USAG Bavaria F&ES

US Army FD Schweinfurt (gold)

US Army FD Grafenwöhr (gold)

US Army FD Schweinfurt (silber)

US Army Mannheim Coleman Barracks FD

Gstaad Airport Feuerwehr


Montana ANG Fire Rescue

Puget Sound Federal

USAF Fire Protection 

Maxwell/Gunter FD

Yakima Firing Center F&ES o/s

Yakima Training Center FD


VA Administration FD

Naval Station Puget Sound FD


Little Rock AFB CFR

Tobyhanna Army Depot FD

164th ANG Memphis, TN Crash Rescue

NAS JRB New Orleans Federal FD 

Rooselt Roads F&ES


Letterkenny FD

Schriever AFB FD Colorado

Ft. Lewis 506th/537th FF Dets.


McChord AFB FD

Treasure Island FD

CVN-71 Crash Rescue Salvage

CNE Mayport Fire Fighting

Falcon AFB Space Command Fire Dept.

Moffett Field 129th RQG FD

Columbus AFB FD ATC Crash Rescue

Little Creek NAVPHIBASE Norfolk VA FD

USFK Fire Service Area II (Korea)

Fort Story Fire Dept.

Idaho CFR

182nd Fire Dept. Peoria

 McClellan FD

Fort Wayne CFR 122 FES

McCrady Training Center FD


Homestead ARS

Air Force Academy FD o/s

Air Force Academy FD n/s

Naval Support Activity Monterey FD

Cherry Point FES (DoD)

Northrop Grumman Fire

Pickel Meadow USMC Mountain Warfare Training Center FD


193rd Special Operations Group FD

SBFD (Submarine Base Groton, CT)

NAS Sigonella Italy Crash Fire Rescue

MCLB Albany, GA  Fire & ES

March Field CFR

George AFB California CFR

Travis  F&ES

US Naval Air Station South Weymouth Mass. Fire Dept.

Fort Riley ARFF

Fort Leonard Wood FD

Khabarovsk Airport ARFF (Russia)


Pease ANG Base CFR


Ketchikan Int'l Airport Aircraft Rescue Firefighter

Hartsfield Atlanta Int'l Airport Fire Department

Port of Seattle FD o/s white

King County Airport Police

Wendover Crash Rescue FD

Chicago O'Hare ARFF FD

Minot AFB (blue round)

Minot AFB 5 CES (red maltese)

Miramar MCAS Fire

MAST Flatiron Crash Rescue

Lajes FD Terceira, Azores

Augusta Regional Airport Bush Field ARFF

Bellingham Int'l Airport Fire Rescue Security (...-2005), used

Kesselring Site IP

NASA MSC Fire Dept.

Incirlik Air Base VBR Fire Dept.

Hickam Crash Rescue

USAF Taegu Fire Dept.

Dulles National Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority CFR


NALF Fentress US Navy Firefighter

Camp Victory Fire Rescue Baghdad

Puget Sound Federal FD (badge style, Captain)

Federal Fire (=San Diego)

Naval Medical Center Bethesda "The Federal Express" Eng. 750

Rocky Flats Fire Dept.

Key Field ANGB CFR o/s

Wisconsin Military Affairs Fire Rescue

Langley USAF CFR "1916"

188 Crash Fire Rescue Fort Smith

Lee County Port Authority ARFF (Ft. Myers Airport)

Chase Field NAS Fire/Crash & Rescue Dept. (used)

Jacksonville NAS FD

Volk Field CFR  (reserved)

Federal Fire Ventura


Camp Speicher Iraq CFR

Presidio Fire Dept.

Indian Springs AFAF

OTIS Cape Cod Crash Rescue

MWSS 273 Camp Dwyer

Camp Parks FD est. 1951 (Stickrand, hot knife border)

Parks RFTA

Team Charleston CFR

Moody AFB Fire Department Est. 1951

PA ANG 193d Spec Ops FD 71

910th Airlift Wing F&ES (Youngstown OH ANG), DoD style

910th Airlift Wing F&ES (Youngstown OH ANG), DoD style on round background

910th AW USAFR, o/s with C-130 (used)

Avon Park AFR USAF FD (F-16)

Avon Park AFR USAF FD (A-10)

Oasis Utah FD (Utah Test & Training Range)

Ft. Benning FD, Directorate Emergency Services (gold trim)

Camp Ripley F&ES

MWSS-472 Det. B CFR (Westover ARB)

Corona NRSW F&ES

Seal Beach NRSW F&ES

Quantico Marine Corps Fire Service


Vance Fire Dept.

Vance FD (2 fighter jets)

Arizona Crash Rescue Firefighter

US Naval Station Ingleside Fire Rescue HazMat

MCAS USMC ARFF (Kaneohe Bay Hawaii)

180th Fighter Wing Toledo Ohio Air National Guard F&ES

Fort Belvoir Crash Fire Rescue

Letterkenny FD Federal Firefighters

Fort Polk FD


Naval Fire Dept. Newport, RI

Kirkuk AB Iraq USAF CFR

Lehigh Valley Int'l Airport Fire-Rescue

Niagara Falls ARS 914th Fire Dept.

DFIP Sabalu Harrison FD Bagram Air Field "The Big House"

Virginia ANG CFR

China Lake FIRE (old style)

T.F Green Airport Fire Rescue "It's our yard..."

Mountain Home AFB CFR (two F15E)

Sierra Army Depot, Fire & ES 1942

NAS Fallon Nevada Federal

Dutchess County Airport ARFF